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Fox Computer Inc.. Supply Computer hardware and peripherals to companies in public and private sector both.

Service & Maintenance
Fox Computer Inc.. Also provide computer maintenance services in private and public sector both. We have fully trained and experienced staff with us making us completely capable of catering any kind of client's computer need. Client's satisfaction is ultimate goal

A well-designed computer networks is the key to a successful information technology strategy. It is the foundation of the corporate Intranet. If two computers are not connected together through a network, their full potential can not be utilized. One of the major advantages of a network is the ability to share resources, like printers and hard disks, with many users. A computer can help save thousands of rupees that would have been spent on additional hardware .

LAN/WAN/WLAN Planning & Implementation Services

We offer LAN / WAN / WLAN set-up and implementation services. We deal in all major Branded products.
The following areas are covered in our service

Hardware set up

Mapping & Planning Implementing the plan

Software set up

File Server Installation
Workstation Installation
Print queues set up and Print server installation
Web Server Installation
Mail Server Installation
Firewall installation

Training End user training LAN Administrator training

The intranet allows business to integrate their applications into their online strategy. It also allows business to communicate with their employees and keep them informed with the latest information about the company, the market and the clients. We work with you to develop and deploy an intranet strategy. We'll build your Intranet that fits your business strategy and helps you accomplish your business and mission critical goals.

Fox Computer Inc.. offer its services to local and International clients. All this is assured by acquiring highly qualified team of professionals and state of the art equipment. We have worked with organizations in Services, Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Textile, Publishing, Financial, Educational, Communication, and Manufacturing Industries.

The world wide web provides an exceptional opportunity to communicate one on one with customers, business partners and employees, a key to building stronger relationships and a successful business.
At Fox Computer, we help you do exactly that. We work with you to develop and deploy an Internet strategy. Then our team works with you and takes it through every creative, technical and conceptual process.
This strategic focus sets us apart from the competition because we understand and merge it with your strategic focus online. We'll build your web sites that fits your business strategy, then bring it to life with beautiful images, compelling text, useful information and special offers to keep visitors coming back again and again. Relationship marketing and online commerce at its finest.


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